Wednesday, 30 March 2011


After Wuumigen had created the world, she created the people contained within it. Yet, they found they could not speak, for there was as yet no-one to listen.

Hence, Wuumigen created Fooo, and he did stand upon a great pillar in the flat land of her creation, and the crowd about his feet did gabble and witter, and he did listen.

After six days and six nights, Fooo grew weary, and he did lay down to rest.

And his shoulders did form the mountains of the land, the crevasses and cracks into which the waters of Shh would eventually fall, creating mirrors on the ground to reflect back the face of men, so they may see themselves.

And it is said that when Death finally triumphs over Mamanma, and time is finished, that Fooo will cease listening, and beginning to speak.

As the story of our lives is related, so there will be errors, facts omitted and corrupt.

It is within this narration, or some cycle of it, that we now live.


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